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Life at Clarkson


Whether you’re looking to play Division I hockey or join a ragtag crew of friends for weekly intramural broomball, our campus is full of students who enjoy the pursuit of staying active. We offer:

  • At least a dozen intramural sports like football, hockey, indoor soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, tennis, basketball and softball.
  • Over 30 club sports teams, such as equestrian, bass fishing, dance, field hockey, martial arts, mountain biking, paintball, road cycling, sailing, skiing/snowboarding, spikeball, squash and ultimate frisbee.
  • 18 Division III men’s and women’s sports teams, including alpine and nordic skiing, baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and volleyball.
  • Two Division I NCAA teams, men’s and women’s hockey, who both won the ECAC championships in 2019!

Clarkson Athletics

For Division I sports here at Clarkson, we have men's and women's hockey. And then for D-III, we have things like basketball, lacrosse, soccer. Our staff and advisors here have been super helpful with me. They've helped me being able to do countless things here on campus. I've been able to go abroad early, I've been able to do an internship remotely, and I've also been able to work closely with my advisors to create a track that allows me to graduate early and allows me to join the MBA program early and I've been able to do all that while being a Division I athlete.

My experience being a student-athlete has been amazing. You know, the athletics department is really, really supportive. It's really nice coming onto campus with a support group right away. There are a lot of student athletes here on campus. I think being a smaller school, your athletics community is really closely knit. So working with people that understand that balance, I think is huge. And D-III gives you that, that option to stay with athletics, but also, you know, focus on your academics. Clarkson is just a great school to have both of those things in your life.

At Clarkson, we have a wide range of club and intramural sports such as Spikeball, Ultimate Frisbee pickleball, racquetball. We have a club football team. I played both basketball and baseball all through high school and coming to college, I really wanted to prioritize my academics and focus as much time as I could on studying. But also to get that competitive outlet, I joined the basketball and baseball club teams, and we practice two or three times a week and we travel to different schools and also host schools a few times throughout each semester. I highly encourage all students to try things, whether they be something that you've done your whole life or it's something brand new out of your comfort zone. It's a great opportunity to meet people [and] have fun doing things that you enjoy.