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At Clarkson University, we work with you to ensure there are no barriers between you and your future. We pride ourselves on making college affordable through financial aid, scholarships and other funding programs. 98% of our students receive financial aid and our 3,100 current students have received over $100 million in aid from Clarkson.

  • Need-based grants are available through both the federal government and Clarkson University and involve review of your FAFSA.
  • At Clarkson, we believe in acknowledging exceptional effort. That’s why we provide a number of merit-based awards and unique funding options.
  • Our Ignite Presidential Fellows scholarship covers all tuition costs for 10 first-time students entering Clarkson for four years (eight semesters) of undergraduate study.

So here at Clarkson University, all of our students will receive some type of financial aid package which could include merit-based and need-based aid. With the rising cost of college education in the United States, we understand that keeping costs as low as possible, it's extremely important. And some of the ways we do that is to provide generous scholarships and grant opportunities for all of our students here at Clarkson.

Our Financial Aid department here at Clarkson, we really adhere to a personalized approach when it comes to assisting families and students throughout the entire financial aid process. Our dedicated staff of financial aid professionals are always willing and able to meet with students, whether it be their first semester or their last semester here.

Working with the Financial Aid Office was a very helpful experience for me. They explained everything that I had confusion on, and what I could do if I wanted to apply for more aid. For students who are worried about affordability, I would let them know that there are a lot of opportunities for scholarships and endowments and grants and things like that. As long as they reach out we'll find something.

Before my freshman year coming here, I applied for the "Young Innovators and Entrepreneurship Scholarship." It's a scholarship for people who previously have a business and run it in high school and want to continue doing that in college.

I run a skiing and snowboarding Instagram page called "Sendyparadise." We have 151,000 followers right now. And we generate revenue through advertising for other brands. If I graduate college without student loans, it's going to be huge, knocking off that weight on my shoulders and it's gonna give me more money that I can invest back into my business.