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About Clarkson

Our Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Clarkson University values diversity as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. We prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in attracting and supporting students, shaping campus culture and empowering faculty and staff to ensure a sense of belonging crucial for student success.

  • Clarkson students come from all over the country and the world - with students representing over 40 states and 60 countries.
  • Student clubs and organizations promote our mission to bring various culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse groups on campus. To promote a diverse shared community membership to these clubs is open to all Clarkson students.
  • We welcome your drive and curiosity to uncover new advancements and shape the future of science, technology, engineering, business and healthcare. Understand how Clarkson supports the diverse contributions of students through every stage of your journey.
  • When you come to Clarkson, you are a Golden Knight for life and you matter as part of our community.

Clarkston has a lot of professional societies that help with diversity. We have so many different societies from different religious clubs to different cultural organizations, different racial backgrounds, and I myself participate in the Gender and Sexuality Alliance or the "GSA" and we help with LGBTQ students.

"NSBE," the National Society of Black Engineers is an organization on Clarkson's campus that helps enrich people of my color to become engineers, also, Clarkson University's "BSU," or Black Student Union is a very enriching community over like social events, and union events that help bring diversity into the Clarkson campus.

There are so many on campus activities hosted by DEI, every single cultural event that you can think of, there's probably an event out there that's hosted by DEI. DEI also hosts a lot of tabling events and a lot of informational sessions, to kind of help students learn about the different cultures and different areas of the world.

There are a number of organizations and clubs here at Clarkson that I've taken advantage of, and one of them happens to be the Friends of India Association, because I have an Indian background and my cultural background comes from the Indian side, although I'm born and raised here, I just love to talk to people that come from the Indian community. And just taking that advantage to just go and hang out with people is just a very fun opportunity at Clarkson.

My experience when I got here was so much better than I thought it would ever be. I've met so many different people from so many different backgrounds, so many different walks of life. And I've learned so much about just the world around us and it's been amazing!