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Global & Immersive Experiences

We value our Golden Knights having a global perspective. Many of our students choose to have international experiences during their time at Clarkson. Options include:

  • Traditional semester or full academic year study abroad programs are available at one of our 55 partner institutions in 28 countries, such as Austria, China, Denmark, England, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Romania and South Africa.
  • Global Business Programs are three-week trips that take place right after the spring semester ends. Students travel with other Clarkson students and faculty to study business and cultures around the world, such as Argentina and Chile; Croatia; Italy; Singapore and Malaysia; Switzerland; and Thailand.
  • Our close proximity to Canada gives our students a great opportunity to take courses in Canadian Studies. Classes usually involve traveling frequently throughout the semester across the border to cities like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.
  • Service is one of Clarkson’s seven values. Student organizations and some academic courses, such as Engineers for International Sustainability and Doctors Without Borders participate in annual service learning trips abroad.

Clarkson offers a lot of international experience [and] study abroad opportunities. And those range from places anywhere from UK, France, Sweden all the way to Singapore and Australia and South Korea. I know the business school requires a global experience. And they're also some travel classes and those are typically like I think, wait two weeks, versus a study abroad experience, which is a full semester and then sometimes you can even go into the summer or you do an internship over the summer abroad. So there's a lot of different opportunities to go places.

This past summer as an undergraduate researcher, I went as a visiting scientist to the Technical University of Denmark, with research based on water quality and analytical chemistry. This is a very unique opportunity to me as an undergraduate researcher, because I was looking for an opportunity where I could do a research internship at a university from an international country. Getting knowledge from there has helped me understand my chemistry skills in a better way. And it's helped me more than I'm dealing with environmental engineering courses.

This current semester, I went on a trip for two weeks. I went -- our first week -- in Munich, Germany. And then our second week I went to Reykjavik, Iceland. I chose to do the two-week trip over a whole semester abroad because of my athletics. I think Clarkson does a really amazing job of giving students an opportunity to have that two week trip if they can't commit a whole semester. You know, being able to go to another country within itself is huge. And I got to go to two which I think is even cooler to be able to see Iceland, especially, you know, with a group of students your age, you're never really going to go on a trip with 30 people your age ever in your life except for really this opportunity. So I thought that was really cool. It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made was to go on that abroad trip and I'll definitely never regret it. It got me out of my comfort zone but I am extremely grateful for it!