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Clarkson students care about what comes after college. We believe in the power of professional experiences to accelerate their post-graduation success, so we require every student on campus to have at least one, usually through a co-op, internship or research project.

  • Co-ops and internships can be secured with the help of our award-winning Career Center thanks to our vast network of companies, from Fortune 500 giants to innovative start-ups, to government organizations.
  • Many students have multiple co-op and internship experiences during their time at Clarkson and often are offered full-time positions at the companies where they have their professional experience, so they are set for the working world even before their senior year begins.
  • Unlike other universities, our 96% placement rate does not count just any old job, but careers in our students’ chosen career path.


In the summer after my freshman year, I had my first internship and I was working for Pike Construction down on Long Island, which is where I'm from. I was able to get that opportunity through our school's career fair. There's over 200 different employers that come to the career fair. And they're all looking for internships and full-time offers. I went during my freshman year and I was able to get an internship offer and it just proves that even freshmen can get internship offers because it's all about how you present yourself and how excited you are to get into the industry.

When it comes to the technical advice that I needed for my resume, I went to the Career Center. Some of the aspects that really stuck out to me about the Career Center were their availability, and reliability. So availability as in always being open whether you wanted to make an appointment through Handshake or if you wanted to pop in quick to ask a couple questions to some of the staff. They were always willing to help and put down their work to aid you. I got several internship offers both through Handshake, where I applied through, and through the homepages of other companies.

These experiences have really benefited me greatly because I was someone who I knew I had an interest in construction, but I didn't know how to get into the industry. No one in my family is in construction really. So I was able to get these opportunities with this company and learn a lot about the industry.