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Academic Support System

Our students are drawn to Clarkson’s tight-knit community feeling, where they are treated as unique individuals with something to contribute to both our campus and society.

  • We know that our rigorous academics require a highly supportive environment, so we take extra steps to provide caring and knowledgeable faculty and staff to all of our students.
  • Each undergraduate student has at least one professional advisor, a first-year mentor and the staff members of both our Counseling Center and Student Success Center.
  • Asking for help is celebrated at Clarkson, with over 30% of students using our academic support services and over 50% using our health and counseling services every year.
  • We continue to expand our direct and indirect services in mental health, wellness and accessibility to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

I would say my favorite thing about Clarkson is the personal attention that each student gets. Whether you're going through something or not, you're going to need support at some point. Everyone here seems to be very helpful, and there's no competition. It's all about collaboration and teamwork. They help you set up a plan and a goal, and so it feels so much more achievable because of people believing in you.

Every single student is assigned to an advisor, which is fabulous. You can sign up for tutors in calculus, physics, or chemistry. But then there's also the career center, which can really help you hone in on making your resume perfect, and helping you search for different jobs that may be ideal for you. But also, all of the professors, I would say, are a serious support system as well.

Clarkson measures its success based on how the students do. Because there's so many support systems out there, they would hope that you take advantage of them, and then you do succeed. I think that's where Clarkson gets all of its confidence towards students, is that they know that the students will succeed. And then when their students are succeeding, the university succeeds.