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The Honors Program

For undergraduate students looking for a unique, research-based opportunity, Clarkson offers the Honors Program. This program provides additional academic challenges and experiential learning opportunities to prepare our most promising students to drive positive change in science, technology and society.

Above and beyond Clarkson’s incredible offerings, our Honors Program students benefit from:

  • A residential learning community, as well as peer and alumni mentorship programs
  • Dedicated advising and professional development programs
  • Funding for study abroad, conference travel and other opportunities
  • Summer research opportunities before the start of the first year at Clarkson

The Clarkson Honors Program is comprised of about 200 students, it crosses all majors across campus. And so it's really truly an interdisciplinary cohort. We have specific classes that you take every semester with other Honors students, so you get to know them very, very well.

We have a Living Learning Community, so your first year you can live together. We have dedicated faculty who are there for you, and they also advise you and all of our coursework, all of our research opportunities, and educational enhancements, scholarships are really designed to help you seize opportunities to learn more about your own passions and to bring those to bear.

Coming in, I was given the Honors Scholarship. And in addition to that, I was told about what we call our HEE Scholarship here, which you can use for additional opportunities. If you stay and do summer research or you would like to go abroad, you can apply for that and be given additional funds to help support those goals. I'm planning to study abroad next year, so I'm hoping that the Honors EE Scholarship can help me with that aspiration.

All Honors students are required to get 40 hours of service by the time of graduation. I personally have participated in "Girls on the Run," which encourages late elementary school girls to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, just to be more confident and be their best selves.

The experience with the Honors program has been great so far, it feels like a family. Every time I walk into the Honors Office and I talk to people I feel like they're there to help me and support me in whatever I end up doing. The Advisors with the Honors Program are really good at shaping and helping me throughout the college experience.