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Hands-On Experiences


There’s no better way to get hands-on engineering experience than by joining one of our 13 SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design) teams, which are 100% run by students.

  • Teams offered include: Baja SAE; Formula SAE; Formula SAE Electric; SAE Clean Snowmobile; Clarkson Rocketry; Concrete Canoe; Steel Bridge; Chem E Car; Timber Bridge; Design, Build, Fly; Construction Management; Human-Powered Vehicle and Underwater Robotics.
  • Every year, teams are presented with a problem that they need to solve and then they compete at regional, national and international competitions.
  • Each team is made up of only 15-20 students, so teammates get to really contribute to the success of their team and participate in competition.
  • Any Clarkson student can join any team, gaining hands-on, real world experience in areas like welding, designing, testing, prototyping, presentation delivery, budgeting, project management and more.
  • Employer recruiters love to see SPEED experience on a Clarkson student’s resume, as they know our smaller teams mean our students are a part of the final project from start to finish.

SPEED is a collection of engineering competition teams that really just brings together a group of students that are really interested in hands-on applications. What's really cool is since it's a competition team, we're able to travel across the country and compete against international teams from all over. Designers will fly. Um, a couple years ago we won the international competition. Our competition tends to draw about 120 international teams from all over and just recently, we're in the roughly top 50% of that as well.

Anyone in any major and at any point in their education can join one of the SPEED teams, though for some SPEED teams, they fit some of the majors better than others. So a good team like "Concrete Canoe" fits civil and environmental engineering majors best though all majors are welcome.

For my team specifically, we design and construct almost all of the components for our car. So we weld the frame together, we design and put together the wiring harness, we tune and dyno the engine. Being in the SPEED program and on Formula SAE has really given me the hands-on experience that I've been craving and what companies really look for when they're hiring.

I build a lot of friendships, in terms of people helping me like understand why we do the things we do. And it's a very fun environment that you can just play and learn. My dream job is to become an automotive mechanical design engineer. So when I saw Clarkson's Formula the team, I thought that was a very good place for me to learn and do applicable skills that can help me project my career for my dream job.

I would highly recommend any incoming students to come and join a SPEED team. For me, it just gave me such a great opportunity to be able to meet other people in my major and get hands-on experience. I would never have learned a lot of things that I have without going out of my way to really explore the SPEED team opportunity.