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Clarkson is a top-tier national research university offering students opportunities to perform research in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology, instrumentation and faculty experts leading their fields.

  • Unlike at other universities, any undergraduate can perform research as early as their first year on campus and work on cutting edge projects that lead to presenting at conferences, publishing research and real breakthroughs that impact the world.
  • To take it a step further, the Honors Program is a highly competitive, research-focused option for undergraduate students looking to dive into research throughout their college experience.
  • Our faculty expertise spans across all our disciplines, with an elevated focus in healthy world solutions, data and complex systems analytics, advanced materials development and next generation healthcare technologies.

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So the research facilities here are pretty extensive. There's a lot of different labs. I mean in campus full of all the engineering research labs, but there is also like a whole building for the science research labs, the bio research labs. There's lots of different facilities. Pretty much anything you can imagine.

When the professors introduce themselves to the class for the first time and talk about certain research that they're doing, stuff that they've done in the past, and they'll also ask if anybody's interested in that topic that they're doing specific research for. The honor students can come as early as the summer before their first semester as a freshman to do research over the summer.

We're always getting new tech in almost daily. We've got a couple 3D printers down there, we've got some 3D scanners. Everyone has their own research desktop. So there's a lot of available funding and resources to new students. Our lab actually has two Goldwater Scholars, and it's kind of a commendation of excellence in research and curriculum.

It's great to have applied experience as opposed to just curricular experience. So people being able to see that you have a bunch of projects under your belt is kind of a great resume booster for employers. I've only been researching for about three semesters now. I've managed to get in quite a lot of experience in that time, which is really nice. But if you start much earlier, like if you start from freshman year, then you have a full four years, and there's a lot you can do in four years in research.