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Who We Are

We are all Golden Knights

When you come to Clarkson, you are a Golden Knight for life.

  • Clarkson students come from all over the country and the world - with students representing nearly 40 states and 40 countries.
  • Our tight-knit community creates lifelong friendships for our students, who characterize themselves as hardworking, innovative, friendly and ambitious.
  • Clarkson is a highly collaborative and team-oriented environment - our students do their best when they span boundaries and work together in the classroom, in clubs and organizations, in athletics, on SPEED teams, in business plan competitions and more.
  • We are leaders in our fields - our alumni network is 43,000 strong, with 1 in 5 of our alumni as a CEO, senior executive or owner of a company.

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To be a Golden Knight is to be someone who strives for the best all the time, someone that is not afraid to stand up for who they are and for what they believe in, and to really put work into their future.

I'd say that all Clarkson students are really hardworking. And when it comes to academia, we're definitely relentless because students know that they're here for the degree and to find a job. And they definitely know their primary focus when it comes to education.

Clarkson promotes a team environment with their core curriculum. Every class that I had at Clarkson involves team projects. And also Clarkson has the President's Challenge, which is a team challenge. And then Clarkson also has a lot of different workshops that are team-oriented. Being able to work with a team is very essential and that's something that companies look for in the hiring process.

The SPEED Teams here at Clarkson-- the Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design-- is all about teamwork. The one that I'm on is building an electric car. And I'd say that's just another avenue that Clarkson has that really allows you to work on a team.

Being here at Clarkson has given me the opportunity to be a mentor to other students and gave me an opportunity to live out my dream of starting a business.