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Life at Clarkson

Clubs & Student Organizations

An important part of Golden Knight life is getting involved on campus. College is a chance for you to explore your interests inside the classroom, but also outside it. It’s here where you’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

  • There are over 250 student clubs, organizations and teams for you to check out, so you are bound to find something you like - from volunteer organizations, student government and professional societies, to intramural and club sports, Greek organizations and hobby clubs, we’ve got it all.
  • We encourage students to start their own clubs and organizations, too. So if you don’t find something you love, you can get funding from our CUSA student government to become the founding member of a new club.

Here at Clarkson, we have over 250 clubs and organizations for students to get involved with on campus. As far as traditional clubs go, we have things like Greek life, leadership opportunities, religious organizations, and service and charity opportunities as well. But we also have some unique clubs and organizations such as our bass fishing team. They have a rod and gun club, a gardening club, blacksmithing club, and gaming, and a sustainability club as well.

There are always events happening on campus sponsored by these different clubs. All of our events that any club could be doing is all on Knight Life. So if anyone is interested in joining a club, but wondering when their next event is, they can go on our Knight Life page it's our a universal club page and be able to go and be a part of that club? Some of my favorite events is I love when co-op shows any sort of movie in the Forum. It's super fun.

Getting involved in clubs and organizations has given me an opportunity to meet a lot of people here at Clarkson. We do a lot of international students and it's a really good opportunity for you to learn something about their culture, and that's just something nice at Clarkson that you get to learn about diversity from other people.