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Our Innovative Mindset

Clarkson Ignite

More than ever, today’s innovation occurs at the intersection of business, engineering, science and technology - an intersection at which Clarkson Ignite educates our students.

  • Clarkson Ignite is our approach to producing graduates that can connect across disciplines to create extraordinary economic and society value through innovation.
  • Under Clarkson Ignite are a series of challenges, competitions, workshops, speaker series, masterclasses and learning opportunities for the entire campus to join and take advantage of. 
  • Staff of Clarkson Ignite oversee the Innovation Hub in the Educational Resources Center, a newly created space at the heart of campus with a makerspace, complete with 3-D printers, 3-D scanners, a digitizing table, a soldering station, handheld CNC capabilities; the Cube, a space for Clarkson’s top young innovators and entrepreneurs to hone their business ideas and inventions; digital content creation suites; active learning classrooms; a coffee shop; group collaboration rooms; a presentation rehearsal room; group work spaces and more.