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Our Innovative Mindset

The Clarkson School

The Clarkson School (TCS) is a selective early college program for talented and motivated high school-aged students who enroll as first-year students at Clarkson. Typically, these students have progressed beyond their high school curriculum and are ready for a fresh challenge.

Students in TCS:

  • Live in a special living and learning community that provides additional support for personal growth, academic achievement and professional development.
  • Take the same courses as Clarkson first-year students and enjoy the same unlimited access to athletics and recreation, clubs and activities and other University departments.
  • Choose to either go on to another university after their year in TCS, or stay at Clarkson to complete their bachelor’s degree. 
  • Can also be a part of Clarkson’s Honors Program, performing cutting-edge research under the guidance of a faculty member.